About Us

B.L. Enterprises was formed

in year 1995 by Mr. Vivek Sharma under the guidance of his father Dr. Dhirendra Sharma. In the beginning the company was dealing in metal handicrafts of Moradabad . The Company Supplied goods to various state handicrafts emporiums in India. In year 2005 the company diversified and started working in the area of Spices & rice. The Company got registered with the Spice Board of India to begin its new venture. We are certified with APEDA for the exports of Rice. The company procure spices direct from the farms from all over India and get them examine with the internationally recognized labs like- SGS and Spice Board of India, as per European & American standards, as required by our customers specifications. We have highly qualified & managerial staff to look after time to time paper work of the organization to maintain records.


The company has started its process to get further more certification as ISO, HACCP & BRC. The plan is to achieve some before the next financial year.


Spices have been used for thousands of years throughout Asia.They have an Extraordinary place in Indian kitchen. No cuisine is complete without it. The flavour, aroma and the feel which was there in the food cooked at home by our mothers was not only delicious, but also had medicinal and ayurvedic properties. Our company guarantees to bring same aroma, flavour of the spices to our plates.